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Project Title –
Senior Citizens Residence Project. (A 5-storey building with 44 residential units.)

Project Costs – $22 million

Location – 869 Clinton Avenue, Newark, NJ 07108, USA

Project Status – On-going.

Source of Funding –Combination of equity, debt and government grants and financing.

Intermediary /  Broker Project Information Form

Intermediary Project Information Form

  1. Project Title:
2. Brief Project Description: City, State, Number of Units, is it Commercial, Reisdential or Mixed Use Property?.)
3. Status of The Project:
4. Borrower's Level of Experience: (Please, select the number real estate projects you have develped in the last 4 years.)
5. Intermediary's Full Name:
6. If a Company is Acting as Intermediary, Name of Company:
7. Intermediary's Company's Name and Address:
8. Phone Number
9. Website:
10. Email Address:

Documents Required:

  1. Personal Profile of the Intermediary.
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2. If intermediary works for a company, please include the company profile.
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3. Borrower's Company Profile.
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4. Remarks from the Project Owner:

5. Remarks from the Intermediary or Broker:

6. What type of Collateral being offered? (Land and the Project itself not acceptable especially from least develop or developing countries) For highly urbanized Cities or Municipalities, it will be a case-to-case arrangements.

Time The Project Should Be Completed By:
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